Understanding the Different Types of Resins

With the so many different types of resins that are available, many people tend to get confused when selecting the one that will perfectly serve their purpose. So, it is important that before you choose the type of resin extraction that you think is the best for you, do extensive research that will help you make the right choice. The good thing is that the internet is readily available to furnish you with all the information that you will need to make the right choice. This article can also prove to be of great help to you as it provides you with the different types of resins that should know.

Polyester resin

Polyester resinPolyester resin is a liquid type of resin that is known for its ability to resist the heat. It is also known to be flexible and cheap and comes in different colors that you can imagine of. The common uses of this particular type of resin include making porous materials that are rigid and therefore resistant to any weather condition. Such products include surfboards, fiberglass, bottles, skis, laminates, fishing loads and so on. It can also be used in the process of fabricating various parts of aircraft and ship.

Epoxy resin

This is one of the most prestigious types of resin that you probably didn’t know about. Due to that fact that it is popular, it is, therefore, more expensive when compared to other types of resins. The brownish colors make it even more attractive to those people who care. Another good thing about this type of resin that you should know is that it has a powerful resistant to electrical, chemical, mechanical and weather resistant properties. In addition to that, there are no undesirable odors that are associated with it. One drawback that you need to understand about this type of resin is that it can take several days for it to heal completely depending on the curing agent that will be used.

Polyurethane resin

Polyurethane resinWhen you hear of polyurethane resin, tough, versatile and durable materials should be the things that should run in your mind. This type of resin is also known to have good chemical, physical and electrical properties that can be combined to make it more useful in the society. It tends to cure faster, and it is also good to mention that it does not have undesirable odors and this, therefore, means that there is no need for a respirator. The drawback that is associated with polyurethane is that it is moisture sensitive.