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Benefits of playing video games

The modern games are challenging, complex, and ambitious. In fact, they are even becoming better as times goes by. Thus, benefits of playing video games go beyond mere entertainment. The following are some benefits of video games.

Why play video games

Good for surgeons

tvg2edf6hgwed7h22It is a must for surgeons to read about the latest research. A recent study on laparoscopic showed that surgeons who have habits of playing video games are likely to perform much better than those who do not.

Help one overcome dyslexia

Recent studies show that attention difficulties are major causes of dyslexia. In fact, patients have been found to show improved reading comprehension after playing a video game. You should note that video games change your environment on a continuous basis. In this way, you are likely to focus more.

Improve your eyesight

Sitting very close to a TV is said to be bad to one’s vision. However, scientists have discovered that if a person plays video games in moderation, his or her vision will just get better. Thus, it is a great idea to spend your time playing quality video games.

Boost your career

There are certain game genres that make players have quality leadership elements. In this way, players can be of great service to the society. Some studies have shown that players show a good correlating motivation to excel in their careers.

Make you physical

Certain video games are meant to improve one’s body interaction. In fact, even when you just play with your handheld controller, it is regarded as a physical activity. For instance, sports games like basketball, tennis, and even skateboarding can help the kids have the required skills.

Slow aging process

Nowadays, there are brain games which are meant to improve your problem-solving skills, puzzle components, and memory. Thus, they can be of great help to senior players. A recent study involving senior players showed that they improved their cognitive functioning.

Lessen your pain

t2wgefcv6yhed7u22If you are suffering from a pain condition, there are few things to do to get distracted from the pain. Playing video games is one of the things you can do. In fact, it helps the body to produce pain-killing responses in the body. When you are playing with your full attention, you cannot feel the pain.

Reduce stress

Video games can help reduce stress. However, there are others which can induce stress. Studies show that players who play video games have stable heart rates.